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The Real Science Behind Food Addiction - The Science of listening to your body!! Have you ever felt you are reaching out for the same foods over and over again? Maybe they are even apparently healthy foods too such as nuts, grapes, corn chips?

What I see over and over again in my clinic is people developing chronic health issues and food sensitivities associated with long-term repetitive food choices. When we are feeling out of balance physically and mentally we tend to crave/choose the wrong foods for our body. This is because little by little we may be using food to get through the day. We may not even feel hungry, but rather, tired using food as stimulation. We slowly get nudged more and more off track from a healthy diet, because the more we eat certain foods, the more we want them. Suddenly life can be about living to eat and eating what you feel. Ignoring the physical signs of how the body is coping which is easy to do as there are many types of foods and ways we can numb our senses and therefore our innate ability to feel energetically what is happening around us. . Traditionally food addiction is linked to chronic diseases such as the obvious Diabetes Type 2 (and too much sugar), Obesity (and over-eating), Eating Disorders, however most diseases I see a pattern of cravings around food that are linked to health concerns. This is especially so for food intolerances and craving the foods the person is actually reacting too. This is one reason why it can be so hard to change one’s diet. As it is usually the main things they are wanting to eat! However the more we can discover what is behind the food choice and get to the core issue of what is happening for that person, the easier it is for long-term change and not simply using fad diets. . Can you relate 🤔 ?

Do you plan your day around what you feel like eating when possible? Would you like support with developing an individual diet specific to your health needs? Get in touch today for your complimentary Discovery Appointment to discuss how I can help support you!!


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