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It’s a great day for coffee ☕️ ...or is it?

Well if you’re like me, it depends on how busy your week is and because most weeks are busy I personally cycle between trying to not drink coffee and drinking too much!
So... why is this an issue?


Drinking coffee actually depletes us of vital key nutrients that affect our over-all health and ironically our energy levels decrease (the very reason why most of us drink coffee).

Coffee interferes with absorption of these key nutrients:

  • B Vitamins - Needed for mental health, energy production, methylation support plus much more!

  • Magnesium important for muscular and nervous system - This can translate to period pain for women if drinking too much coffee during the month.

  • Iron needed for red blood cells and energy

  • Zinc for mental health and immunity

Genetically 🧬

In addition to depleting key nutrients some people genetically detox coffee very slowly.

The CYP1A2 Gene is also commonly known as our Caffeine Metabolism Gene - People with a mutation in this gene are slow metabolises of caffeine and at a higher risk of organ damage from drinking coffee. These people will be more sensitive to caffeine.

COMT Gene - Caffeine depletes magnesium which COMT gene needs to function. COMT mutations are associated with having too much adrenaline in the body.

Magnesium helps to reduce anxiety and reduces stress.

Energetically ✨

Coffee hardens the body - the body becomes stiff and rigid as it seeks to physically harden itself using the artificial over-stimulation coffee brings as a protection from feeling what is going on around us.

Not listening to the body when tired and continually over-riding it with coffee builds self-neglect in the body and opens us up to lowered immune response in the body. This can be linked to symptoms such as sore, inflamed gums and or sensitive teeth, mouth ulcers, inflammation throughout the body.

Right-sided body symptoms linked to being in too much motion / racyness.

***When slowly decreasing/detoxing coffee, I recommend the following ...

  • Epsom salt baths

  • Magnesium powder

  • B vitamin complex

  • Rest & sleep

  • Tumeric in cooking

  • Coconut water for hydration & lots of filtered water!

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