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Use this guide to cut pesticides consumption in foods by up to 90%!!

Have you heard of ‘Clean 15 Dirty Dozen’?

Want to eat cleaner but can’t afford to buy everything organic? The Dirty Dozen is a trademark term and list released annually to define the 12 crops that farmers typically use the most pesticides on and a list of lowest amount of pesticides. 🥑🥥

This is the 2019 list, 2020 is still to be released. However typically certain fruits, veggies with protective shells are consistently lower.

Try prioritizing your food buying decisions using the list when not buying organic.

The data used to form the list is based from the United States Department of Agriculture Pesticide Data Program. Regardless if we live in the US or not it gives us a foundation to work from living in other countries 🌎

OTHER TIP - Use veggie wash before eating fresh produce available at most Healthfood Stores. .


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