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Road to recovery

The road to recovery can often be filled with confusing ups and downs - especially when it comes to lab results!

“Normal lab results” don’t always mean they are normal! 🧐

This is because conventional lab ranges are in many cases based on a sample of the population that have used that test and lab.Ie. the results are based from the average value in that lab population.

Nutrient deficiencies are often over-looked as a result. Iron is a good example of this, being the world’s most common nutrient deficiency. ✏️ Symptoms are common including fatigue, hair loss, brain fog, depression, restless legs, susceptible to colds and flu. Often over-looked for years 😥

Serum ferritin between 30 - 100ng/ml indicates low iron stores. With ideal level of serum ferritin being over 100ng/ml. Reference ranging differs depending on lab. However it is not ranged for optimised health and vitality 🤸🏻‍♂️.

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