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Withdrawal bleeding

The bleeding you get when you are on the pill (oral contraceptive) is called "withdrawal bleeding".

This refers to the withdrawal of hormones when taking the sugar pills and therefore in the body. This bleeding is different than a period if you were not taking the contraceptive pill. The hormones in the pill stops ovulation. No ovulation means there is no egg hanging around for sperm to fertilise, so pregnancy cannot happen. And no ovulation also means no oestrogen or progesterone.

The pill contains no hormones at all. The pill contains only synthetic hormones with a similar structure to hormones designed to interfere with the function of the real hormone. The pill is not regulating the menstrual cycle and is automatically set to a 28 day cycle making the individual feel they are having a regular cycle.

  • The main ingredients is ethinyl estradiol - a hormone disruptor. It is designed to prevent normal hormone production, and

  • Progestin which is a synthetic form of progesterone.

The benefits of having a true period and bleeding each month is not often spoken about. Having a period allows the women to detox naturally through the blood each month. By not shutting down the cycle, allows for the benefits of both oestrogen and progesterone on the female body. .

Of course, whether to take the pill or not is a personal decision for each woman and no judgement is intended by this post. It is purely to provide facts to be able to make the best decision for you for your unique situation.

There are many herbs and nutrients to help women coming off the pill and experiencing symptoms.

Please get in contact for support.

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