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"Thank you to Alicia for a positive, professional and caring experience at the Brisbane clinic. Our journey with Alicia yielded us the best possible results and we could not be more satisfied and pleased with the wonderful gift of our baby boy who is a happy and healthy two years old now.

Alicia helped us so much after our miscarriage, she gave us hope and treated us by stages as I felt depressed and discouraged after losing our baby at an early stage of 6 weeks. From my first appointment with Alicia I felt her empathetic and knowledgeable approach which encouraged us to try again but this time with the best tools to improve our health, lifestyle, be mentally and spiritually strong.

In our particular case we had to go through Ivf + naturopath assistance which our doctors were aware and impressed with my results as in my prior pregnancy everything was bad news.

Alicia you were positive, knowledgeable and you were inspirational. With your help we had a healthy pregnancy ( I was not scare anymore so I kept working full time until 4 weeks prior our baby arrival) many customers were astonished to see me so fit, energetic, happy, positive and healthy.

Thank you again, we are very grateful for your passion, commitment and care.

We wish you all the very best for your life and career in Singapore. We will keep in touch".


Jenny , Matt and Michael

JD, Qld, Australia  (Source: Google Reviews)

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