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  • High potency lipids that are highly bioactive. 
  • Flavoured with natural, non-GMO and salicylate-free orange oil to encourage high patient compliance. 
  • Deep-sea, wild-caught and third-party certified for sustainability by:
  • Friend of the Sea (FOS) &
  • International Fishmeal and Fish Oil organisation Global Standard for Responsible Supply (IFFO RS). 
  • Extensive, independent third party testing after bottling includes:

    - Quality Assurance

    - Radiation Testing (Gamma Emission Radioactivity)

    - Heavy Metals and Pesticides

    - True EPA/DHA content

    - Environmental Pollutants

    - The True Anisidine Value Test for Oxidation

  • STORAGE - Keep in fridge once opened. 

Orthoplex BioActive Lipids Liquid 150mL

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