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Children's Drinks

We have come so far ...

In understanding what is healthy for our bodies and what is not.

Marketing today is more sneaky! 🧃🥤. Many drinks marketed for children contain more sugar than some soft drinks and are sold as the healthy option 🤨!

  • Nutrient Vitamin Water - 7.5 🥄 sugar!

  • Bubble Teas - 8 to 20 🥄 sugar!


  • No added sugar coconut water - Filtered water with fresh lime, lemon, pomegranate etc....

  • Unsweetened 🌱 plant-based milks. - Get kids used to the idea of just having water 💦 on its own. - 💯 % juice half with half filtered water.

I would love to hear from you.... what is your favourite healthier drink alternative? . For support with nutrition - please email 👨🏻‍💻.#childrensnutrition #singaporewellness #cityosteophysio #sugarfree #sgkids#sg


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